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I love drawing. It's always been the best way to release my imagination. As a kid, I never imagined I could draw as a profession.

I drew because it made me happy. Drawing, story-telling, building models, and tinkering with cars shaped my inner joy. When I learned about design, my passion found an outer purpose. Trained at UCLA and Art Center College, I earned degrees in product and transportation design, building a career that would include aircraft interiors (Boeing), toys (Mattel and McDonald's), consumer products (Microsoft, Polaris, Rainbird), and car designs (Toyota, Subaru, Moal Coachbuilders, and The Franklin Mint). I currently enjoy working as a professor and mentor for aspiring creative professionals.

Having designed hundreds of model cars, full-size cars, consumer products, toys, and home accessories, my life and relationships have been greatly enhanced by these experiences. Design itself has become a lifelong partner in all my endeavors...much like drawing, design shapes my perspective, horizon, and visions, helping me scale this prototype life. Among the awards I've achieved, two personal favorites include Car Styling Magazine's International Grand Prize for "The Future of Transportation" and the "Educators Who Make A Difference" awarded by the Yuba County Office of Education. in support of the Automotive Academy. 

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